Your baby needs sleep. And so do you!

Welcome to The Chil Pil. I'm Sari Broda, a Certified Child Sleep Consultant from the Family Sleep Institute, on a mission to help babies learn and love to sleep while giving parents all the tools necessary to feel confident and excited about sleep. I am also a Certified Lactation Counselor, a Certified Nutrition Coach, and trained in sleep mindfulness, which allows me to provide parents and children with a a very personalized, holistic, and unique approach to sleep.


Many parents think of sleep as a time for parents to have down time (which we all definitely need), but what we don't fully recognize are the alarming benefits sleep has on our children. This includes both day time and night time sleep and they are both necessary for different reasons. Did you know, sleep is a learned behavior? It is not like breathing, it is more like walking. We are not born knowing how to sleep, we develop the skills. And as a parent it is our job to give our babies the tools to learn this skill. 


Is your baby having a hard time sleeping through the night, taking short naps, waking up too early, night feeding when you know it's time to cut it out, fearing the crib, or unable to fall asleep without your help? You are not alone. And I am here to help.



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