Hi! I'm Sari Broda. I am originally from Bogota, Colombia and moved to Miami, Florida when I was 10 years old. I attended New York University and have been in New York City ever since. When I was pregnant with my son (I now have 2 young children), I thought sleep would simply fall into place. We’ve all heard the phrase “sleep like a baby” so I thought it would be a non-issue. Once my son was born, I realized things weren’t actually that easy. When he turned 7 months, he became “world’s worst sleeper” (I’m working on trademarking that!). In all seriousness, it caused me feelings of guilt, anxiety, frustration and it caused him to be irritable, have a short attention span, and complete fear of his crib. Our sleep situation was not sustainable, so I began to do research and found a plethora of information - some helpful, some confusing, and some purely scary. I realized the baby sleep world was a deep dark hole that threw parents in a million directions without a clear path. I became fascinated and realized there was a need for sleep education that was sensitive, thoughtful and effective. I was finally able to give my son the tools he needed to learn how to be a good sleeper and in the process, I became a Certified Sleep Consultant at the Family Sleep Institute and a Certified Lactation Counselor at The Center for Breastfeeding. 


Not all babies are created equal and not all parents have the same philosophies, so not all sleep coaching should be a copy-paste format. I have come up with a structure where I provide families a personalized sleep plan that fits their needs and I become more than a sleep trainer or a sleep consultant, I am a resource, educator, and coach to the families. I work virtually and do not do in-home visits because I believe parents need to have all the tools and the confidence to create sustainable sleep in their home. If you'd like more information, please  


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