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The Sleep Package - Video Call

The most comprehensive sleep program for your child.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes

Service Description

The Sleep Package is a comprehensive 2-week program where I guarantee if you follow my plan your baby will be sleeping great by the end of the two weeks. This includes: - Intake Form: You will fill out an intake form with questions regarding your baby's sleep environment, routine, schedule, daytime activity, family goals, etc. - Video Call (1.5 hours): We will discuss modifications to the sleep environment, the routine, the schedule, daytime schedule, response strategy, keys to success, and more. - The Sleep Plan: A 6 to 7 page personalized sleep plan that includes everything we discussed above and how to properly implement all of the changes during those two weeks and beyond. - Daily Support: Two weeks of unlimited support via group text, phone, and email to troubleshoot and answer any questions throughout the day. We are in constant contact during those two weeks to ensure you are feeling confident about the entire process. - A Sleep Log: We will share a document with your baby's daily sleep updates so we can track progress and understand sleep patterns. - Wrap-up Call: A 30 minute wrap-up call to discuss healthy sleep habits moving forward, nap transitions, and how to handle any hiccups including: sickness, travel, schedule changes, etc. - Recap Document: A 2-page document with information on nap transitions, travel tips, etc.

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