“To put it simply, Sari was a lifesaver! Our almost 6 month old son was waking 5+ times per night and we were at our wits end. It took multiple hours to put him down at night and his naps during the day were a maximum of 40 minutes long. Sari came up with a customized sleep plan and made sure that my husband and I felt completely comfortable with every aspect of it before proceeding. She was readily available to answer any questions and within a few days our son was on a much better path. He now sleeps 11-12 hours straight at night and is napping more consistently. Thank you, Sari for changing our life!!”

Dana, mom of a 6 month old

At 10 months PP I was at my whits end and sleep deprived. Putting my son to sleep every night meant sitting in his room for an hour or more singing, rocking, or walking in circles till he fell asleep… then dealing with multiple night wakings every 3-4 hours. His naps were only 30 minutes long as well. Needless to say I was miserable. Never had a free moment to myself. Then we were referred to Sari and she created a sleep training program for our little one. I never thought our son would sleep through the night let alone nap for more than 30 minutes.  By the end of the program, keeping consistent, he was sleeping 11-12 hours and napping for 1-2 hours at a time.  Our son and I are so much happier now with plenty of rest. Thank you Sari.

Sandra, mom of a 10 month old

Gabi, our five month old, was waking up 4-6 times in the night of which I only feed her once. We would sometimes let her cry in a very unstructured way and this could lead to hours of crying. We sought Sari's help and it changed our lives. Sari provided a customized plan that fit our needs and was always available to provide support/answer questions. After two weeks of following Sari's plan Gabi was able to put herself to sleep and only waking  up one time for a feeding (doctor's orders). Sari's help and guidance was a life saver.

Corina, mom of a 5 month old

Hiring Sari was one of the best parenting decisions we’ve made. She worked with us to design a program that we felt comfortable with and, most importantly, one that worked!! Before we started, our 5 month old was waking up every night for a midnight feeding and would only nap while being held. Now, she sleeps 11 to 12 hours a night without interruption and takes 3 scheduled naps in her crib during the day. 
During the 2 weeks, Sari was our cheerleader, therapist, and teacher. She constantly checked on us, answered all of our questions and supported us the entire way. We couldn’t be happier!

Vera, mom of a 5 month old

Sari is good.

You want a little more?  Then here ya go: Sari was wonderful to work with.  For the first 33 months of our sons life he barely slept through the night, which means neither did we.  After the second day and night working with Sari our son slept 11 hours without issue, and needless to say our lives have been better ever since.  Sari was attentive and really helped coach us through the entire process.  Forever grateful!

Eddie, dad of a 3 year old

Working with Sari was wonderful. Before we started, my son had just started sleeping through the night, somewhat inconsistently, and his naps were different every day. By the time we finished I went to bed every night knowing my son would be asleep until 7am, and counting on at least 2 1-hour naps. Working with Sari, more than anything, gave me the confidence to actually do the difficult tasks (putting him down in the crib awake without rocking him, for example), and I learned that there was nothing to be scared about because it worked! Sari was a pleasure to work with, responded quickly to all my inquiries, and clearly taught me the best sleep and nap training method for my son. There is nothing worse for a new parent than the anxiety that comes with not knowing how often your baby (and you) are going to wake up, but after working with Sari I not only have no anxiety, but I am also able to enjoy my son more because we are both so well rested!

Stephanie, mom of 4 month old

Sari was a lifesaver for our baby. We struggled for two months with sleep training to no avail until Sari swooped in and took charge. Within two weeks, he went from a nap resister to a nap lover with no strife for him nor us as parents. Sari was dialed in, supportive, involved, respectful, professional, and cheerful throughout the process. She checked in frequently and we never felt stranded. Having her was the closest thing to having her move in. We can’t thank you enough, Sari 

Monica, mom of 7 month old

You never really know how sleep deprived you are until you get a good night sleep again. Thanks to Sari my husband and I are once again functioning people of society. Not only is Sari a professional at what she does, the way she does it is truly a breath of fresh air. She personalizes sleep plans catering to specific needs your family may have. She is diligent, thorough, respectful, and with you every step of the way. If you want you sanity back, you know what to do.

 Rested Parents of a 6 month old

Life changer!


When we finally decided to call Sari our six month old son was waking up anywhere from 5 to 50 times a night and napping for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time during the day. Even through teething, leaking diapers, and vaccines Sari helped us get Henry to start sleeping up to 12 hours a night and taking long restful naps. We cannot believe the change that we not only see in him but in ourselves! Sari helped us get our happy baby back! Thank you Sari!

Emilie, mom of 6 month old

My 3 year old needed an adult to sleep in his room with him every night, and if it wasn’t possible he would wake up to come to our bed where he would play until sunrise and pass out again at 8am as the rest of the house was waking up. We dreaded addressing this issue because in the past (with our other children) it has meant sleepless weeks punctuated by bouts of screaming and crying we were not eager to repeat. Sari gave us 3 manageable tips that worked from the first night! No crying. No screaming. 10 hours of gorgeous sleep. Nobody could believe it. Not us, not our nanny, and not Sari because she has continued to check in weekly over the last month to make sure everything is still working! IT IS! Sari has been so supportive and by implementing her precise directives we FINALLY have 3 children who sleep in THEIR OWN BEDS. Parents rejoice! The solution is here!

Alex, mom of 3 year old

We call her “Sari the Sleep Fairy.”

Before Sari blessed us with her magic, our 6 month old was struggling and so were we. He would only take short naps on us and woke multiple times per night. We were lost but convinced ourselves we weren’t the "sleep training" type. Enter Sari. She took our concerns seriously and created a customized sleep plan that took the most gentle, loving approach. Sari was there for us 24/7, constantly checking in and coaching us, giving us the confidence we needed to put the plan to action. We kid you not, our baby was putting himself to sleep, sleeping through the night and taking long naps in his crib by Day 2! To say Sari offers “sleep training” would do her a disservice - she provides conscious sleep coaching to give parents the tools they need to lovingly guide babies to learn to sleep better. Sari’s process helped us grow as parents. She opened our eyes to the ways that we were actually hindering our baby from getting the rest he so desperately needed and deserved. He is now well-rested, happier and so are we! Thank you Sari for the work you do and for the gift you have given our family!

Rachel, mom of 6 month old

Sari held my hand throughout the process of teaching me how to train my 8 month baby daughter to sleep. We went from rocking her for hours in our arms to her falling asleep on her own just in a few minutes in her crib. She was the most patient teacher/coach and even therapists, especially when I was in doubt and had millions of questions. Her loving ways and commitment made this process much easier.

Vanessa, mom of an 8 month old

After 3 years of sleepless nights, multiple awakening, and milk requests in the middle of the night by my 3 years old daughter, Sari literally saved our lives. We had a few failed sleep training attempts in the past and came to her with a lot of hope. She coached us through each step, shared resources, and was supportive through the whole process. Sari's approach is spectacular and is as far away from "crying it out" as you can imagine. Within two weeks, my daughter slept her full 12 hours and that's considering we traveled during the sleep training. Thank you Sari so much for your incredible commitment and expertise"

Kseniya, mom of an 3 year old

Sleep-training with Sari was life changing for me and my family. We held off sleep training our 8 month old and looking back we have no idea why. Sari listened to our concerns, didn’t judge what we had been previously doing, and came up with a gentle plan that worked within a few days. Our baby now sleeps 11 hours at night and naps in her crib happily. Throughout the two week process working with Sari we felt incredibly supported and learned so much. We are incredibly thankful!

Stephanie, mom of an 8 month old

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