THE NANNY TRAINING PROGRAM (English and Spanish options available).

It is essential for everyone to be on the same page and stay consistent when working on sleep. I will work directly with a nanny, caregiver, grandparent, or anyone else who is involved with your child's sleep. 

The Training Program Includes:
1. A Video Call with Sari Broda: A one hour consult with your caregiver in English or in Spanish to talk about the sleep plan for your child and how to properly implement the program.
2. Sleep Plan: If needed, a Spanish translation of your customized sleep plan for your nanny to have available and reference throughout the entire sleep program.
3. Nanny Text Support: English or Spanish text/whatsapp support with your nanny to troubleshoot your child’s sleep on a daily basis throughout the entire sleep program.

This is only available if you purchase my "Two Week Sleep Program"

Price: $150


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